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June 15th 6-8pm



Musician and Photographer Tim Motion is surrounded by photographic boxes at his home in Londons' Notting Hill, containing his many years work documenting 40 years of Jazz musicians; in the corner of the room behind the boxes leans a large double bass.

As we start to investigate the contents, I realise that the only seat in the room is the  piano stool, we are utterly immersed in a life of Jazz and Blues, the boxes  reveal prints of Dizzy Gillespie, George Melly, Miles Davies, Sonny Stitt, Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Miles Davies, Bo Didley, George Benson and Ray Charles predominantly printed by Tim Motion himself and feature portraits of some of the most influential jazz musicians in the history of the genre.

When asked about the exhibition title , “An Eye for The Sound”  he replies modestly " Well being a musician I follow the music, and so it does have influence as to when I press the shutter. Like every photographer we are looking for irreplaceable moments, for example one of my favourite pictures is of Ray Charles at Jeu de Paume,... I heard some sounds coming from the stage and left the side tent, the stage was low and dusty and there was no one there, I sat down in the front seats, waiting,.... and basically he just came on stage and did this!””

Ronnie Scott describes the attraction that jazz musicians have for photographers, as "understandable when one considers that both are concerned with the moment. For the musician it is the fleeting moment that involves the creation of some kind of valid music, and for the photographer the attempt to express it in pictorial terms." Scott lists Tim Motion as one of the main named photographers who have "enormous sympathy for jazz musicians" alongside Val Wilmer and David Redfern.

Motion was born in Ireland, at the age of 2 his parents moved to England, where he grew up studying art, music and photography later becoming a cab driver in London and learning to play the double bass. Moving to Priaia do Carvoeiro in Portugal he ran a jazz club hosting artists such as Ronnie Scott, Cat Stevens, George Melly, Georgie Fame and building up an extensive archive of jazz photographs. Motions' work has been published in numerous magazines, including Vogue Paris, Sunday Telegraph and The Times and has been exhibited in UK France, Spain and USA, his book "Jazz Portraits -An Eye for The Sound" was published by Nathan, Paris in 1995.

“The photographs reflect a real labour of love capturing the great musicians that I have been lucky enough to watch perform, fusing my passion for jazz music and photography, and through capturing the undeniably great performers portrayed here, strengthens my love of both"

These timeless images are an insight into the vibrant world of jazz, and capture its stars in their element, with the passion of their performances evident in every image.



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