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(c) Gered Mankowitz - Jimi Colour Classic
(c) Gered Mankowitz - Jimi Hendrix Masons Yard 1
(c) Gered Mankowitz - Jimi Experience
(c) Colin Jones The Who 1966
(c) Colin Jones Pete Towshend and broken Guitars –
(c) Colin Jones - Mick Jagger 1967
(c) Eric Swayn - Keith Reflection 1964
(c) Sheila Rock - The Clash
(c) Sheila Rock - The Clash II
(c) Sheila Rock Siouxsie and The Banshees
(c) Kevin Cummins - Ian Curtis
(c) Kevin Cummins - Liam Gallagher - Oasis
(c) Kevin Cummins - The Buzzcocks

Classic Iconic works by:

Gered Mankowitz – Jimi Hendrix

Gered Mankowitz has been photographing the rock world for over 40 years. After leaving school at 15 and with no formal qualifications he began his photographic career. The turning point in his career came when he was asked by The Rolling Stones manager to photograph The Stones on their infamous 1965 tour. Well known for his striking and intimate images of Jimi Hendrix, The Slade and The Rolling Stones.

Colin Jones – The Who

Colin Jones’ creative life followed an unusual trajectory: from a working-class background in the East End of London he went to dancing in the English Royal Ballet. Jones bought his first camera whilst running an errand for Dame Margot Fonteyn in Japan. He became a photographer for The Observer newspaper in 1962, and never looked back. Jones is one of the most celebrated photographers of post-war Britain, working as a respected documentary photographer on subjects as diverse as the vanishing industrial working lives of the Northeast (Grafters), delinquent Afro-Caribbean youth in London (The Black House), and the high-octane hedonism of Swinging London with his famous pictures of The Who and Mick Jagger early in their careers.

Eric Swayne – Keith Reflection

Eric Swayne was part of the “in crowd” of 1960’s London. Swayne began photographing his friends including David Bailey and Brian Duffy, Ossie Clark and Mick Jagger spent time in his studio. His exclusive inside view of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ makes Eric Swayne’s photographs an important part of the 60’s photographic world.

Sheila Rock – The Clash

Sheila Rock’s fascinating photographs of punk, document the scene in its thrilling infancy. Sheila Rock has also recently published a limited edition book Punk+ – for sale at the gallery £55. Rock was invited to see the Patti Smith Group’s now legendary performance at the Roundhouse in May 1976 and introduced to punk group Clash, who were playing a few months later at the ICA. Intrigued, Rock went along with her camera and started snapping.

Kevin Cummins

Kevin Cummins has been a photographer for most of his working life and is now accepted as one of the world’s most venerated music and portrait photographers.

After studying photography for four years in Salford, Kevin embarked on a career that was to encompass a wide range of photographic work. The burgeoning punk scene in Manchester dominated his early work and he quickly became one of the premier documentary photographers of the era.

Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy is considered one of the most ground-breaking of British Photographers, who set the pace for the revolutionary imagery of the swinging sixties. His career spanned almost three decades, and he is responsible for some of the most memorable imagery of his time.

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