LInda Leiberman


(c) LInda Lieberman - Backbone 01
(c) Linda Lieberman - Balancing Act
(c) Linda Leiberman - Bouquet
(c) Linda Lieberman - Entwined
(c) Linda Lieberman - Ouch
(c) LInda Lieberman - Dreadlocks
(c) Linda Lieberman Fishtale 01
(c) Linda Lieberman - Lobstor Pot
(c) LInda Lieberman - Necklace
(c) Linda Lieberman - Nurture
(c) Linda Lieberman - Pipeline
(c) LInda LIeberman - Soulmate
(c) Linda Lieberman - Tangle

Linda Lieberman

January 1, 2010

Linda is a Photographer / Sculptor living and working in London. Born in Scotland her work draws its inspiration from the changing ecology and environment around her. Throughout her life, Linda has consistently worked at evolving her direction and style.

At present Linda is working with her black and white photographic images, presenting them raw to convey a strong message, that ecologically man cannot ignore what feeds him socially, politically, economically and spiritually.

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