A retrospective of photographs from 1959-79

John Bulmer








(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country - 45
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country 34
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country 11
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country 15
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country - Foundry -27
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country 91
(c) John Bulmer - The Black Country 018
(c) John Bulmer - Hartlepool 015
(c) John Bulmer - Hartlepool 022
(c) John Bulmer - Manchester
(c) John Bulmer - Manchester 002
(c) John Bulmer - Manchester 058
(c) John Bulmer ) Manchester 061

It was the early 60’s when John Bulmer set out to document the bleak industrial centres of the North of England. His work captured the north it in all its variety and beauty, and demonstrates the true qualities of photojournalism of the period. 

His astute eye records his subjects creating a powerful social and historical record of the time. His images capture the atmosphere of the grimy cobbled streets, chimneys and washing lines of the mining communities as well as the bluff humour of their people. Previously considered “entirely a black-and-white subject” recorded years before in the 30’s by Brandt Images, from this period both colour and Black and White are included in the exhibition.

John Bulmer worked for many top titles, including the Sunday Times Magazine from the very first issue in the early 60’s until the 1970’s. When colour photography started John Bulmer became one of the most prolific contributors of colour reportage to the Sunday Times Colour Section, and is now classed as a pioneer of colour reportage photography. He visited over 100 countries as a photojournalist, and this retrospective is representative of many of these stories.

Although Bulmer worked alongside Don McCullin, Donovan, and Bailey, he left his photographic career in the late 70’s to become a film director, so it is only recently that this iconic work has come back into the public domain.

His work has won much acclaim and has been exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art, the Photographers’ Gallery, in London and the National Museum of Photography in Bradford.He is now focused on cataloguing his collection of many unseen pictures

The exhibition includes 40 images, both colour and black and white, which are for sale starting @£200 per print

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