Mr Everyone

Gilbert Garcin





(c) Gilbert Garcin - Accuel
(c) Gilbert Garcin - Double Auto Portrait
(c) Gilbert Garcin - Mr Everyone
(c) Gilbert Garcin - La Condition Humaine

At 65, Gilbert Garcin retired from his lamp-making business in Marseille and began photography. By his 80’s he had published five books, his work has been shown in dozens of exhibitions in France and abroad and his photographs are in prestigious private and public collections. 

Garcin’s surreal images in black and white explore, the absurdity of the human condition, where Garcin himself appears as his fictional ‘Mr Everyone’.

Garcin’s work refers back to artists such Max Ernst, Man Ray & Marcel Duchamp while Garcin uses his own image. Rarely facing the camera, very much reduced in size and slightly blurred so as to make his features difficult to read turning his own face and body into a ‘faceless’ character. Garcin has a ‘Surrealist’ or ‘European’ humour and sensibility, which permeates his work recalling characters such as Jacque Tati’s Monsieur Hulot.

(On Tour from the Paul Arden Gallery)

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