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(c) Syd Shelton - Paul Simonon Rock Against Racism Carnival 1978 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - Die at 42 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - Matumbi 1979 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - John Segs, The Ruts 1979 - A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - Mick Jones, The Rainbow 1979 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - Paul Simonon at The Rainbow 1979 .A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - The Beat 1981 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - Anti-Racis Skinheads 1978 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Syd Shelton - The Undertones 1981 A3 Signed Giclee Print £195, A2 £285, A1 £385
(c) Terry Pastor - Hunky Dory Album Cover 1971 edition 9/75 £600
(c) Jill Furmankvosky - Amy Winehouse A3 Signed Giclee print Edition 100 £630
(c) Colin Jones - Keith Moon Backstage 1966 20 x 16" Silver Gelatin print £1000
(c) Gered Mankowititz - Jimi Hendrix The Experience POA
(c) Geoff MacCormack - David Bowie Sleeping on Trans Siberian Express 1973 A3 limited edtion 100 £395, A2 £595 A1 £950 (co-signed by David Bowie (POA)
(c) Geoff MacCormack - David Bowie Fenton Lake 1975 A3 limited edtion 100 £395, A2 £595 A1 £950 (co-signed by David Bowie (POA)

Lucy Bell Gallery is re-opening with a Summer Exhibition of British Music Culture, including work by Syd Shelton, Colin Jones, Geoff MacCormack, Kevin Cummins, Jill Furmanovsky, Terry Pastor, Brian Duffy, Andrew Whittuck.

New Coronavirus opening days are Thursday to Saturday 10am - 5pm (No Preview due to Coronavirus)

(c) Syd Shelton - The Beat 1981

Syd Shelton is a British photographer who documented the Rock Against Racism movement. His work is held in the collections of the Tate and the Victoria & Albert.

Interview with Syd Shelton about Rock Against Racism movement below.

(c) Geoff MacCormack - David Bowie Sleeping on Trans- Siberian Express 1973 -Co-Signed by David Bowie

Geoff MacCormack (Aka Warren Peace) is an English vocalist, composer and life time friend of David Bowie's best known for his work with David Bowie in 1970s. See video below for more information.

(c) Colin Jones - Keith Moon Backstage 1966

Colin Jones – The Who 1966. These rare images show The Who in their early days – shopping, shaving, sleeping, hanging out – and form a unique and, intimate document of The Who at the very beginning of their careers.

(c) Gered Mankowitz - Jimi Hendrix - The Experience - Mason's Yard 1967

Gered Mankowitz did two sessions with Jimi Hendrix at Mason's Yard which have become some of the most iconic images of the period, although at the time Hendrix's manager insisted on using colour photographs for his albums so this important set of images did not come into the public realm until 1992 when Mankowitz had his first solo exhibition in London

(c) Kevin Cummins - Buzzcocks 1977 London

The moment the post punk music scene exploded in Manchester with Joy Division and the birth of Factory Records, Kevin Cummins became as integral a factor as any, in creating the legend that was to become ‘MADCHESTER’ - “Kevin Cummins was sometimes more important than the bands”. Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks)

(c) Terry Pastor - Hunky Dory 1971

Terry Pastor created the hand tinted artwork for the iconic album covers, Hunky Dory 1971 and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars 1972.

(c) Andrew Catlin, Patti Smith New York 1988 8.5" x9" Vintage Silver Bromide Print £1700


Andrew Catlin is an English photographer, artist and filmmaker whose work has been widely published and exhibited. This picture of Patti Smith  was taken in New York in 1988. We were getting ready to start the shoot - her first for several years - when the PR ran in and said she had got a call to say that Robert Mapplethorpe had been taken into hospital, and that Patti needed to leave right away to the hospital to be with him. I said that of course I understood and began packing away my equipment, when suddenly Patti walked back in and said she would do pictures with me until the cab arrived but then she would have to go. We only had a few minutes, but the circumstances gave the moments a calm intensity that produced some very beautiful pictures. There is tension and sadness, but also great strength in her face and hands. I worked unhurriedly and gently while the seconds passed, and then she was gone to some brutal hospital machine room.

(c) Andrew Whittuck -Pink Floyd 1967 Ed 17//50 A3 £350


Andrew Whittuck recalls, “I had a friend who knew the Pink Floyd Managers and they were keen for any publicity since Pink Floyd had only been formed for 18 months. They all came to my studio/bedroom in my parent’s house in Hamsptead with their instruments and most importantly for me with their lighting guy. The only illumination I used was the lighting they used in their gigs. A 35mm Kodak project with glass slides with a mixture of oil/water and coloured ink, heated by a hair dryer close up so that the everchanging bubbles of colour floated over there.

Feature in New European Syd Shelton Rock Against Racism work at the gallery

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