Hidden moments surrounding some of rocks most iconic images.








(c) Brian Duffy - Demi Contact Sheet - Open Edition 10 x 10 "£295
(c) Andrew Catlin - Sinead O'Connor 1290mm x 960mm Signed Edition 1/20 £1,500 Sold
(c) Jill Furmanovsky/RockArchive - Chrissie Hynde December 1988 Signed 20 x 16" Edition 30 £400
(c) Jill Furmanovsky/RockArchive - Ravi Shankar Signed 20 x 16" Edition 30 £400
(c) Jill Furmanovsky/RockArchive - Joy Division YMCA 1979 Signed 20 x 16" Edition 30 £400
(c) Jill Furmanovsky/RockArchive - Oasis Detroit 1995 Signed Edition 30 20 x 16" £400
(c) Brian Duffy - Aladdin Sane Demi Contact Sheet Open Edition 50 x 50 cms £295
(c) Michael Putland - David Bowie Hadden Hall Signed 20 x 16" 2/25 £1500
(c) Don Hunstein/Rockarchive - Bob Dylan 1963 New York Signed Edition 50 A1 £3000
(c) Allan Ballard/RockArchive - London 1977 Estate Stamped Edition 50 A1 £950
(c) Colin Purvor/RockArchive - Jimi Hendrix 1967 Signed Edition 20 A1 £1800
(c) Barrie Wentzell/RockArchive - David Bowie 1972 Signed Edition 50 20 x 24" £2,300
(c) Don Hunstein/RockArchive- Bob Dylan and Suzy Rotolo 1963 A1 Signed Edition 50 £1800
(c) Brian Duffy -Scarey Monsters Demi Contact Sheet Open Edition 50 x 50 cms £295
(c) Brian Duffy - Ziggy 1972 Contact Sheet Estate Edition 35 x 35 cms 2/35 £1600

The "Contacts" Exhibition is a unique collection of rare and never before seen contact sheets by some of the world's greatest music photographers. 

The contact sheet is the photographer's first look at what they have captured on camera. An unedited sequence of negatives or roll of film that provides a behind-the-scenes history of a photograph. 

Today, in a world of digital technology the contact sheet has all but disappeared however in this exhibition the contact sheets on display reveal the stories behind some of the world's most iconic rock images. "Contacts" gives an intimate glimpse into a photographer's working process and editing choices and shares candid, unseen moments of rock history.

The exhibition includes prints of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Oasis, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits taken by renowned photographers such as Jill Furmanovsky, Barrie Wentzell, Don Hunstein, Michael Putland, Carinthia West, Michael Putland, Andrew Catlin, Matt Anker, Colin N Purvor and Brian Duffy

This is a rare opportunity to look back at the hidden moments surrounding some of rocks most iconic images. 

This a unique exhibition from some of the best music photographers, and we hope that people will enjoy this exclusive insight into the world of the musicians and the shoots represented. The contact sheet shows the thought process of the photographer and reveals more of the interaction and spontaneity  between the sitter(s) and the viewer, creating a compelling narrative.

In Association with Rock Archive

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