Making Waves

Adrian Peacock


(c) Adrian Peacock - Long Shore Drift
(c) Adrian Peacock - Soliton
(c) Adrian Peacock - The Ballantine Scale
(c) Adrian Peacock - The Fetch
(c) Adrian Peacock - The Rule Of Twelfths

Time is a crucial element to this series of works, and there is a sense of waiting for the moment when what could be a pretty snap turns into something more considered. Although the scene is captured within seconds, Peacock spends a long time waiting for the right conditions – the weather, the position of the sun, the tides- before he finally arrives at the decisive moment where all come together to make the definitive scene.

‘Only a few days a year is the sea is rough enough, and the light dramatic enough, to give me the right conditions to make these images’.

After working in portrait and commercial photography for some time, Peacock moved away from London to St. Leonard’s-on-Sea and discovered a new subject matter close at hand – the sea and the coastline. Constantly searching for the optimum moment, Peacock may take pictures again and again, but will find only a few a year which are worthy of a final print.

The way that these photographs are printed show a subtle attention to detail – Peacock chooses a Fuji metallic paper to emphasize the qualities of light reflecting from the sky and the sea. These images radiate a gleaming depth rather than a basic gloss. Peacock employs a perspective corrective lens, which makes a certain point seem sharply focussed, then the rest will have a softer quality, a gentler and more loosely rendered effect.

‘I like them because they have both the old-fashioned painterly quality that I wanted, and also because they are the essence of what a photograph is: the split second of movement, energy and light’.

Limited Edition Lightjet prints

Kodak Endura Metallic

48″ x 32″

Signed /Edition of 20

Mounted onto aluminium White Tray Frame £950

Unframed £650

24″ x 16″

Signed / Edition of 20

Framed White Tray Frame £600

Unframed £400

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